A new theater installation

sbs_140825-w270Danley Soundlabs Europe engineered a new movie theater to SBS Discovery Television Finland’s office premises.

We wanted to have a small, reference-class movie theater in our new premises. Requirements were exceptional 7.1 sound and outstanding image quality. Our partner Danley Europe’s choices in equipment and implementation exceeded our high expectations. The end result is superb and I am very proud of our new theater.


Toni Flyckt
CEO, SBS Discovery Television Finland

Equipment used:

Front: 2 x SM-100
Center: 1 x SH-69
Subwoofer: 1 x DTS-10
Rear/Back: 4 x SH mini

SBS Discovery Television is Finnish TV broadcaster in a strong growth stage. It has two free-to-air channels TV5 and Kutonen and six pay TV channels Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Science, Discovery World and Investigation Discovery. There are almost 40 employees with SBS Discovery Television in Finland and it is part of SBS Discovery Media. SBS Discovery Media is owned by American media company Discovery Communications. For more information, please visit www.discoverycommunications.com.