RMBA Stage in Flow Festival

flow_140809-w270Danley Soundlabs Europe engineered the praised Red Bull Music Awards Radio stage at Flow Festival 2014, Helsinki, Finland.

Requirements were world class and out of all the contestants for delivery Toni Rantanen (DJ Little Tony) chose Danley. All the performers as well as the audience told the sound was great.

The sound level was limited to 100dB (a 5min slow) because of the city regulations.

Equipment used:

2 x Danley Jericho J1-94
2 x Danley SBH-10
8 x Danley DBH-218
DJ booth
2 x Danley SH-46
4 x Danley TH-118

I have been working with club sound for last 25 years and looking for the best. Now i have found top 3 manufacturer. Thank you Danley Soundlabs Europe for Flow Festival RMBA 2014
Toni Rantanen

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